Psychological Manipulation and the Need for Boundaries

Please find this excellent overview. Re-blogged with permission from the author.

If the link at the bottom of this post is no longer current, please do a search on the author’s site to find the essay.

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Psychological manipulation can come in varied forms and from a multitude of individuals, some close to us and others who aren’t. Psychological manipulation is sometimes noticeable, but often remains undetected. It’s hard to spot for several reasons, the major being our desire to remain in denial in order to sustain a relationship with an emotional bully. Although easy to deny and explain away, psychological manipulation and abuse (which are often interchangeable) takes it toll on the victim who’s, at times, left so confused that she or he questions their own sanity, as in gaslighting.

Psychological manipulators are clever and know how to sniff out weaknesses, or individual needs, which may be a better term in this case. They know what you need and how to exploit it without your ever questioning their motives. There are multiple ways in which they operate, and I’ll discuss the most common ones in this…

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