CERTAIN THINGS DO (not) CHANGE… and we need (all of) you!

I don’t know about you, but to me it is important to have a distraction that is pleasant in the weekend or during the week when too tired to read articles or to watch a documentary…Distractions are good for our mental health. It provides a break from “ruminating” over the stressors of our daily life. Oftentimes however, rather than being a pleasant and innocent distraction, the watching of another Netflix series or movie is another insult to women…Another blow to our self-worth in a world that is sending us mixed messages.

When just narrowing in on series and movies, it comes to me as no surprise that people, but in particular women feel worse about themselves after “consuming” some “innocent” entertainment.

Here are some examples, I think we all recognize:

  1. Objectification of women as sexual beings (only). Some female body-parts need to be exposed in every scene…
  2. A ridiculous age difference between the male and the female lead
  3. Overly heterosexual leads and the casting of straight actors in gay roles
  4. The female lead with not one, but at least two PhDs who crumbles when she spots the male lead…and becomes a blubbering mess who needs to be rescued
  5. The professional career woman who looks no older than being in her late 20s
  6. The casting of females who have undergone tons of cosmetic procedures to look younger, sexier and thinner
  7. The bachelor and the bachelorette…do I need to say more?
  8. Other “reality” shows? You really think this is innocent entertainment….?

Last night I saw “The Meg”. A movie that claims to be nothing more than entertainment and surprise…It WAS respectful toward women. Nothing of the above, apart from the abs-scene of the male lead spotted by the female lead. But nothing too extreme. Even the age difference, was acceptable. I recommend this movie as it is indeed innocent entertainment. I hope there will be more of this and better ones and that we, who have the power, make choices that are healthy for us.

Real women 2

2 thoughts on “CERTAIN THINGS DO (not) CHANGE… and we need (all of) you!

    1. Hi Marty,
      I had to look at a few for research purposes and to ensure that “yes, they are still that bad”. I could only stomach max 2 minutes….
      Thanks for your reply :)!

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