This remembrance Day…

Interpersonal Trauma – Collective Trauma

Today is remembrance day, November 11, 2020.

I have mentioned Jon Allen, PhD. before. Allen has written about trauma. Allen’s YouTube clips with interviews and his writings are often mentioned in the training I provide to mental health professionals.

As I am providing this type of training again this week, I feel the responsibility to highlight how so many people feel and how I feel about all the stuff that has been going on.

Look at the box in the middle, the one that mentions interpersonal trauma. Wars fall into that category. Allen writes (in 2005) “war is not the only culturally sanctioned source of trauma. We are in the midst of a worldwide epidemic of human rights abuses. Politically inspired violence includes kidnappings, disappearances, indiscriminate maiming and killing, political imprisonment, brutal interrogations, and torture….While we are opening our eyes to the trauma that results from domestic violence and child abuse, we remain relatively blind to the effects of the pandemic human rights violations” (Allen, 2005, p.8).

Please read in the New Yorker “why America needs a reckoning with the Trump era”

Here is a quote: “By involving a larger public, some of the people who work on collective trauma seek to address the issue of moral injury. In the framework of collective trauma, moral injury has been inflicted on society as a whole, not only on the victims but also on the perpetrators and the bystanders—not in the same way, to be sure, and not in equal measure, but it is all of society that has been injured. The goal of reckoning is moral restoration” (Masha Gessen, 2020).

Just moving forward is not enough. Healing does not happen that way. There is a need for atonement and attunement and none can be done without introspection.

Get informed. Open up…talk…do not be silent. If you have a voice, use it!

All supportive and insightful comments, as always, welcome!

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