In the first place…people need to be informed Regarding seeking services for health issues, I cannot stress enough the importance for people to feel respected. I believe that we can all relate to that. When seeking help, regardless of what these services are, we want to feel treated respectfully and equally. Nothing angers people more […]


Inspired by a speech from President Barack Obama Obama provided three pieces of advice to the graduates of high schools of 2020. You can obtain the full transcript on (dated May 17th, 2020). I read the transcript of the speech given by Barack Obama to the graduating HS students of the class of 2020, […]

Too much information

Many of us feel at times overflooded with information. On a regular day, all of us are exposed to the news in the paper, on our phones, or on television. Social media have got us in their grip. Apart from the necessary social interaction and exchange of pleasantries, it is a time-consuming activity offering entertainment […]