Defensiveness and how it destroys relationships (not a quick read) There are many ways to tackle the topic of defensiveness. There are multiple layers to dismantle and all components can be individually analyzed.  The topic is fascinating to many people and for those who have a professional interest in psychology. The information is essential for […]

Too much information

Many of us feel at times overflooded with information. On a regular day, all of us are exposed to the news in the paper, on our phones, or on television. Social media have got us in their grip. Apart from the necessary social interaction and exchange of pleasantries, it is a time-consuming activity offering entertainment […]


One of the compulsory classes I recall vividly, was a demonstration of our competencies as a therapist. The fishbowl technique was used. Two trainees were placed in the middle of a circle. One was playing the role of the client and the other of the therapist. And there I was, floating nervously, feeling exposed and […]