The Love-Bomber’s Con: Why Already Believing You’re Special Can Make You His Victim — Leon’s Existential Cafe

Shared with permission from Leon’s Existential Cafe, as usual insightful, well-researched and a contribution to the field! For a con to work, it’s best for it to have already been accepted before the con-artist entered the room. The concept of love-bombing was popularized about a decade ago and has been a mainstay in public and […]

Bogus therapies….and what to watch out for

It is not just clients who fall for promising advertisements. Psychotherapists, counsellors, and psychologists, even those with post graduate degrees seem to buy into the new, or very old but sounding new and improved, therapy approaches. Even professional organizations fail to distinguish between solid evidence and the active ingredients and the so-called serving suggestions, the […]

Emotions-thoughts & feelings and regulation

Emotions are functional and universal physiological responses (bodily reactions) to external and internal environmental stimuli. They originate in the brain and release neurotransmitters through the body. They are protective and provide information: Fear, sadness, disgust, anger, surprise, and happiness.  One pathway is to trace emotions that are elicited by stimuli coming from our outside environment. Another […]