Respectful and effective communication is of crucial importance in any relationship.

It prevents disconnection, conflict and heartache in committed relationships.

Good communication means making time for each other and not allowing interruptions. It means sitting together and listening to each other about what is going on.

When you are both calm, you can address everything. If the discussion gets heated, you might need a short break. Make sure you understand each other and ask for clarifications when not sure.

Avoid making assumptions and give each other time to fully express their thoughts and feelings. Try to ask open questions and avoid judgment.

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Good communication includes a level of curiosity, wanting to know what is going on in each other. It helps partners to get to know each other better and it increases closeness.

Be open and honest. No relationship is going to work when an essential element is missing. This is trust.  For instance, be open with your spouse about your use of social media.

If you feel you cannot discuss something as you are afraid what the reaction of your partner might be…you might be engaging in something that is not according to the expectations of each other.

Avoiding conflict by keeping secrets is a red flag. Secrets and trust building does not go together. Be open with each other. If it is hard to discuss certain topics and regardless of your efforts, you fail to find solutions for reoccurring issues, counselling might help.

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